Modernize your flexible workspace

A fully branded mobile app for your flexible workspace. Designed so you can run your entire business from your mobile device.


Easy for members

Give your members a premium experience

Open the door

Jellyswitch fully integrates with all popular building access hardware. No more downloading third party apps to access the building.

Get to work

Everything your members need to get coffee, find their desk, retrieve wifi credentials, and get to work in your wonderful environment.

Realtime feedback

Noisy neighbor? Notice a coffee spill in the conference room? Members can anonymously give feedback directly to staff in realtime.

"I was blown away. What they have has no equivalent anywhere."

- Laurent Dhollande, CEO CloudVO & The Pacific Workplaces Group

Easy for operators

How does Jellyswitch work?

Comprehensive overview

Stay informed on everything happening in your coworking spaces: approve new members and day passes, monitor checkins, realtime member feedback, and much more.

Coordinate with your staff

Conversations on the management feed let you keep in touch with your staff across locations. Discuss action items, answer questions, and resolve issues in realtime.

Leverage your data

With all of your data in one place, Jellyswitch lets you deep-dive into how your space is monetized with fine-grained reports on income per square foot, breakdown by membership types, and more.

"Our Jellyswitch app unlocks our ability to open more locations, faster."

- Siri, cofounder of Reset

See where Jellyswitch has changed the game

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We're confident you'll have happier members and save time in your daily operations.



Dave Paola


I cofounded Jellyswitch in 2018 because I love the idea of unleashing the power of the distributed workforce.

From 2012 through 2017, I was cofounder and CTO at Bloc, the first and largest online developer bootcamp. I was lucky to have some world-class colleagues. Together we designed and built technology that helped thousands of students transform their lives by transitioning into a career in software development and design.  

I live in South Lake Tahoe and love the mountains. My favorite book is Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.


Jamie Orr


Owning Cowork Tahoe for the past five years, I have learned a lot about what it takes to run an amazing coworking community and have witnessed the impact one can have on its members. I am deeply passionate about the movement towards a distributed workforce and co-founded Jellyswitch with the belief that everyone can work where they want to live, in a beautiful office environment, using amazing technology.  

Prior to moving to Lake Tahoe, I was teaching university physics & engineering and researching emergent behavior after completing my PhD in Theoretical Physics at UC Davis. I am known for unsolicited science facts and still get my teaching fix by working with elementary school kids through the Tahoe STEM Academy I created in 2016. 


Bri Biller

Customer Success & Marketing

 I grew up in South Lake Tahoe, Ca and can usually be found chasing my dog through the woods on my skis or on my bike. When I’m not playing outside, I’m working on local theater projects and helping grow the arts community in Tahoe. I am thrilled to be a part of Jellyswitch so, as I embrace the distributed workforce lifestyle, I can help make it easier for others do the same.


David Orr


I was born and raised in Mountain View, California. At an early age, I became infatuated with technology. Tinkering with computers has been a hobby of mine since I had my first computer, a Commodore 64. After graduating from UC Davis, I moved back to the Bay Area. Over the better part of a decade, I worked for a variety of startups in Silicon Valley. After going through a successful exit, my family and I moved to South Lake Tahoe and founded Cowork Tahoe. Cowork Tahoe has over 120 members and 13,000sqft under ownership. When not working, I love to get outdoors on my split board or mountain bike.


Modernize your coworking space

We're confident you'll have happier members and save time in your daily operations.



Jellyswitch is a technology company that delivers products to enable the best possible experience for coworking space members.

We believe the future of work is distributed, and that coworking space operators need better tools to assist them in utilizing their strengths.

We're located in South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Try Jellyswitch for free for 30 days

We're confident you'll have happier members and save time in your daily operations.


We get it. Members want to get started quickly, open the door, get some coffee, find their desk, and get to work in a wonderful environment.

With Jellyswitch, you'll have a fully branded mobile app in the app store for your members. With a single tap, they can:

  • Open the door
  • Reserve a room
  • See wifi credentials
  • Give you realtime feedback


Stay on top of everything happening your spaces. New members that may require approval, day passes and membership purchased, room reservations, member feedback, and conversations with your staff members across all of your locations.

The more you use it, the smarter your feed will become.

Run your business from your mobile device

Rooms & Reservations

Easily manage phone rooms, conference rooms, and event spaces from your mobile device.

Offices & Leases

Simplify your workflows with built-in lease management functionality. Watch your income per square foot over time.

Invoices & Payments

Let your members pay how they'd like. Jellyswitch also supports group billing, so employees can have their employers pay.


No need to lift a finger, we take care of everything.

  • Deploy your app with beautiful photos of your space
  • Provision locations, membership plans, day passes, and more
  • Seamlessly migrate your members
  • Make your phone rooms and conference rooms available in-app
  • Responsive support when you need it

It's our job to make sure you and your members have a great experience.


With Jellyswitch, you have fast access to sophisticated reporting.

  • Membership breakdowns
  • Building access logs
  • Revenue and expense reports
  • Space monetization
  • Export everything to CSV

Whether you want to compare your coworking space membership revenue to your lease payments, dig into your space utilization by membership type, or see which of your locations is most profitable, Jellyswitch can get your question answered.

“The capability to make sense of it all is extremely powerful.”

- Brooke, The Beacon CoWork

Modernize your flexible workspace

We're confident you'll have happier members and save time in your daily operations.


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